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Physical Education and Physical Activity

Physical education is a school-based instructional opportunity for students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for lifelong healthy habits. Physical education is characterized by a planned, sequential K-12 curriculum that provides cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of activity areas. Quality physical education programs assist students in achieving the national standards for K-12 physical education. 

The outcome of a quality physical education program is a physically educated person who has the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. Arkansas requires that all physical education teachers be qualified and trained professionals so as to properly teach healthy excercise habits to the students. A good resource for physical education is the Arkansas Department of Education Physical Education webpage, which provides curriculums and links for parents, students, and teachers alike to many helpful sites and programs.

There have been numerous acts and standards created by the state of Arkansas in order to stimulate health and physical wellbeing in schools.  The goal of this is to ensure healthy habits in the students and thus leading to a healthy community. One of the most recent standards updated in 2016 is the Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Nutrition and Physical Activity Standards and Body Mass Index for Age Assessment Protocols on Arkansas Public Schools. These standards are founded upon past physical education and health acts, utilize the Body Mass Index as a data gathering resource, and provide explicit information pertaining to healthy eating and exercise.

Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT)