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CSH Plan Schools

The schools that follow the Corrdinated School Health Plan have been actively involved in developing an infrastructure at their schools, along with a work plan containing goals, objectives and outcomes. In addition, the coordinator at each school has attended a Coordinators' Meeting held pquarterly in Little Rock with Coordinated School Health staff from the Arkansas Department of Education. The school districts are listed along with the administrator's name, coordinator's name, and contact information. These schools welcome inquiries as to their successes and challenges.

The Map shows all of the schools in the state that are apart of the School Health Services Office.   (When printing, you may need to select "Document and Markups" for the numbers to print on the document).

A list of the Schools shows which ones in the state follow the Coordinated School Health Plan utilized utilized by the School Health Services.

2012 Coordinated School Health Schools Map shows a map of the School Health Services schools and their priority.