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School Based Mental Health, Counseling & Social Services

These prevention and intervention services support the mental, behavioral, and social-emotional health of students and promote success in the learning process. Services include psychological, psychoeducational, and psychosocial assessments; direct and indirect interventions to address psychological, academic, and social barriers to learning, such as individual or group counseling and consultation; and referrals to school and community support services as needed. Additionally, systems-level assessment, prevention, intervention, and program design by school-employed mental health professionals contribute to the mental and behavioral health of students as well as to the health of the school environment. These can be done through resource identification and needs assessments, school-community-family collaboration, and ongoing participation in school safety and crisis response efforts. Additionally, school-employed professionals can provide skilled consultation with other school staff and community resources and community providers. School-employed mental health professionals ensure that services provided in school reinforce learning and help to align interventions provided by community providers with the school environment. Professionals such as certified school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers provide these services.


Act 1593 and Systems of Care - Updated 1-08

REPORT: The Arkansas Mental Health System For Children . . . A Family Prespective (Need Adobe Reader to view this file)

Arkansas Systems of Care - PPT

Arkansas Counseling Association

Arkansas School Counselor Association

  • The Arkansas School Counselor Association (ArSCA) initiates and supports the improvement of school counseling programs through information, research, legislation, professional development and ethical standards, while upholding and encouraging continued imporvements in standards for education.

School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) 

School-Based Health Alliance

Click here for the SBMH Manual and application  (Revised 2012)



For additional information or questions about how to implement a quality school based mental heath program in your school, please contact:

Dr. Betsy Kindall
School Based Mental Health Services
Arkansas Department of Education