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Wellness Committees/Coordinators


As School Health continues to be a fluid process in America and Arkansas, we have created a place for information to be collected that might be helpful for Wellness Coordinators in Arkansas schools. Let us know if you have some resources or information that would be helpful for other wellness coordinators. 

Change Lab Solutions Model Water Policy

A resource for Model Wellness Policy language for water access in schools.

Coordinator's Meeting, March 2, 2016

School Wellness Committee Toolkit (revised January 2016)


Click here for the School Wellness Committee Toolkit (pdf)

  This document contains an overview of Act 1220 of 2003 and School health in Arkansas. In addition, it contains information about developing and sustaining a School Wellness Committee, tools to support a School Wellness Committee and additional resources.  This toolkit was revised by School Health Services of the Arkansas Department of Health, January 2016.